& the community came…

On June 5th, our community celebrated our mural with food and music. Thank you to Portland State University Department of Applied Linguistics for providing salad rolls that celebrate our garden!

IMG_0711  IMG_0680

CTE Capoeira performed music.



Lindsay Ruoff led SUN School kids in making book with recipes connected to our gardens and a collaborative poem.


IMG_0702IMG_0695IMG_0712  IMG_0717IMG_0716 IMG_0708  IMG_0706  IMG_0704 IMG_0703  IMG_0701 IMG_0700 IMG_0699 IMG_0705IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0696 IMG_0695 IMG_0694  IMG_0687  IMG_0689 IMG_0690 IMG_0691  IMG_0693       IMG_0679 IMG_0678 IMG_0677 IMG_0709

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