Tile making has commenced at Grout

Tile making has commenced at Grout, and is off to a fantastic start — at this time, all 2nd grade, and two 1st grade classes have made at least one tile for the mural — beautiful work which often surprises and delights with the range of unfettered creativity kids can impose on flat pieces of clay!  

Last week was quite productive.  We had the good fortune to also work with the All Stars, who all participated and had a rousing fine time.  Many thanks to all instructors and staff who helped make this happen.

Jill and Angel have been assisting with every class, and are absolutely great – they were involved helping out two years ago when I first began working in the classrooms and are familiar with many students at Grout.

Couldn’t ask for a better team!

Would like to add here that Kaia and I are doing a SUN class together this summer, as an additional part of an Art/Nature course — anyone interested in making more tiles for the mural, learning about the gardens, art and nature surrounding the school (and beyond!), please contact Jamie at SUN.  We’d love to have you participate!


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